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How to create and use custom templates on WordPress site.

Custom Template for Template Hero for Elementor allows you to add custom template types type to elementor’s default template types.
Follow the following easy steps

1. Go to your WordPress Server site (from where you want to create and push your templates).
2. Navigate to “Templates,” click on “Saved Templates.”
3. Click on the “Custom Templates” Tab, then click on “Add New” button.

4. Select the type of template you want to work on, name your template then click on the “Create Template” button.

5. Edit your template with elementor, and Publish.

6. Go to your WordPress client site (where you want to fetch and use these custom templates).
7.  You can access your custom templates while creating/editing pages and posts by clicking the “Add Template” button (the folder icon).

8. Click on the “Custom Templates” tab, select your required template.

9. Click on the “Insert” button.
10. Now you can use your custom template.

11. If you have selected any other template type on your WordPress server site, it will show under blocks tab on your WordPress client site.

If you want to show your Sections / Custom Templates under a specific category, please visit How to set categories for Custom Template Tab for Elementor

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