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How to set categories for Custom Templates

You can set categories for Custom Template Tab for Elementor to show your templates under specific category. Follow the following easy steps

List of available categories

Use these categories names in the same style (lowercase) to create categories or just copy the required category name from here.

1. 404 page

2. about

3. archive

4. call to action

5. faq

6. features

7. footer

8. pricing

9. product archive

10. services

11. single page

12. single post

13. single product

14. stats

15. portfolio

16. hero

17. header

18. team

19. testimonials

20. subscribe

1. Click on the Edit button (not Edit with Elementor) of your required template.
2. Name your template, then click on “Add New Category” button.
3. Click on “Update” button.

4. Now you can see your custom template under your mentioned category on WordPress client site.

In future, we will come up with custom categories for our valued clients.

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