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How to Add Fields Groups in IDB DentaSite.

Follow these easy steps to create Group Fields in IDB DentaSite.

  1. Go to WP Dashboard > IDB DentaSite Manage
  2. Click on “Fields Groups”.
  3. Click on the “Add New”.
  4. Enter the following details.

Field Group Name: The Display name of the Fields Groups.

Then click “Add Field” and enter the following details.

Field Label: The Label of the Field.

Field Name: The Display Name of the Field, which will be shown to the user.

Field Type: Select the type of the field. By default, the type of the field is “Text”.

Instructions: Some Instruction about the field.

Required?:  Mark field “required” if necessary.

Default Value: Write some default values for the field.

Placeholder Text:  write a placeholder text which will be shown when creating new posts.

Prepend: Write Prepend if necessary. Prepend text will appear before the input.

Append: Write Append if necessary. Append text will appear after the input.

Character Limit: Define the character limit. For no space leave the field blank.

Conditional Logic:  Add conditional logic if required.

Wrapper Attributes: Define width, class, and id

After entering all the details, Create a set of rules to determine which edit screens will use these advanced custom fields. Also, do some settings.

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