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Shortcode List

We have included a couple basic shortcodes in the Step Builder Pro plugin.

  1. The first and easiest shortcode is from Wp Ultimo, and is used to easily display the user information you gather at sign up.
    Simply copy/ paste the display shortcode with the correct “meta_name” and it will display the content. For example: You create a step called Business Info. Within this step you create a field labeled “Business Name”, and you enter “business_name” as the field name (no quotes).
    This will prompt your user to enter their business name at sign up. You can display the business name anywhere by using this shortcode.

    [wu_user_meta meta_name=”business_name”]

    That’s it! The information will now display in place of the shortcode.
  2. The second shortcode we have included is for editing. Once the user signs up and is signed in to their site, chances are they may want to edit or revise the info they entered at sign up. Using this shortcode provides an easy edit form for the user.
    The shortcode can be placed anywhere including the frontend. We recommend if using on the front end you require the user to be signed in to access it. The edit shortcode is used in much the same way as the display shortcode. Simply include the “meta_names” that you wish to allow the user to edit. The data will save and update automatically. Note: You must include the Step ID (post id) found in the Step URL after you created it. To keep things nice and streamlined we display the shortcode on each step for you to simply copy paste into your design. In this example the field name is “business_name” and the step id (post_id) is 75.

    [step_builder meta_name=”business_name” post_id=”75″]

    There are also attributes that we have added to further customize the form. You can add the form_title attribute to set a title for you’re form. Check out the example below.

    [step_builder meta_name=”business_name” post_id=”75″ form_title=”This Is A Title”]

    Another handy attribute is form_center. Entering true as the value for this attribute  will center your form inside of any element you place it in. This makes styling the form inside of a page builder or template even easier. Check out the example below.

    [step_builder meta_name=”business_name” post_id=”75″ form_center=”true”]

    That’s it! Use this shortcode to display an easy to use edit form for your user.
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