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How To Add Coupons

Here are the simple steps to add coupons in subscription Hero.

  1. Go to WP Dashboard > Subscription Hero > Coupons
  2. Click on the “Add Coupon” button.
  3. Enter the following details

Coupon ID: Enter your coupon ID.
Note: Use a unique name. Stripe will use this value to create your coupon ID.

Discount Type: Select the type of discount this coupon creates. Percentage or Amount Off.

Discount Percentage: Enter the percentage amount you wish to remove from this product.

Enter a short description for your coupon. Internal use only.

Duration Type:
Select how long the discount will be in effect. You can select between forever, once or repeating.

Max Redemption:
Enter the maximum amount of times this coupon can be used.
Note: This is not customer specific.

Expiration Date: Enter the expiration date of this coupon.

Coupon Requirements: Available and Attached – Drag from “Available” column to “Attached” column to attach them to coupon

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