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How To Display Product / Service

Once you have created your product, follow these easy steps to display your products.

  1. Go to WP Dashboard >Subscription Hero >
  2. Click on All Products
  3. Under the “Shortcode” tab, copy the shortcode of your required product.

For Example:

[ebb_charge button=”buttonidhere” stripe_id=”prod_IOvaDSyxEjak47″ type=”good” network=”on”]

For buttonidhere:

  1. Go to all buttons
  2. Click Edit on the required button
  3. In the url,”wp-admin/post.php?post=65&action=edit”, Locate your button id.

[ebb_charge button=65 stripe_id=”prod_IOvaDSyxEjak47″ type=”good” network=”on”]

Paste the copied shortcode on your page/post.

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