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How to push Beaver Builder Templates from WP Single site to WP Single site / WP Mulsite’s subsite to subsite

Template Hero for Beaver Builder allows you to host your Beaver Builder templates on any WordPress site and push them to any other WordPress site. Make sure Beaver Builder and Template Hero for Beaver Builder is installed and activated on both sites.

Here is a simple guide to push your Beaver Builder Templates to any WordPress Site:

  1. Install a WordPress site to host your templates (Single or Multisite).
  2. Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Navigate to Settings, click on Template Hero BB.

    Note: Please make sure any plugin blocking Rest API or for forced login is not activated.

4. Under the Advanced tab, turn on the “Cloud Library Server” button.
5. Click the “Save Settings” button.

6. Click the “API Keys” tab, then click the” Create API Keys” button.
7. Public and Private Keys will be created, copy both keys.

8. Under the General tab, copy the Cloud Library URL.

9. Open the Client WordPress site (WordPress site where you want to push your templates).
10. Login to WordPress Dashboard.
11. Navigate to settings, click on Template Hero.
12. Click the Create Library tab, write the name of your library and paste your Cloud Library URL, Cloud Library Public, and Private API keys.
13. Click the “Create Library” button.

14. A notification “Settings Saved & Library Added” appears, and your library gets saved.
15. Go to the “Activate Library” tab; click on the “Activate” button to activate your required library.

Note: You can create and activate various libraries from multiple sites. If you want to delete any library, deactivate it first before deletion.

20. You can access your saved templates while creating/editing pages by clicking the “+” button.

21. Click on “Templates” to access your desired templates under your required category.
22. Templates which are not saved under any category can be seen in “Uncategorized”. Other templates can be seen in their respective category.
23. Click on the required template to insert it into the page.

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