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How to push Elementor Templates from WP Single site to WP Single site / WP Mulsite’s subsite to subsite

Template Hero for Elementor allows you to host your Elementor templates on any WordPress site and push them to any other WordPress site. Make sure Elementor is installed and activated on both sites, and Template Hero for Elementor – Server plugin is installed and activated on server site (WordPress site from where you want to fetch your templates) and Template Elementor for – Client and is installed and activated on client site (WordPress site where you want to push your templates).

Here is a simple guide to push your Elementor Templates to any WordPress Site:

Note: For Multisite subsite server to Multisite subsite client, after installing plugins, activate each (server and client)plugins individually on the respective subsite.

1. Login to WordPress Dashboard.
2. Navigate to Settings, click on Template Hero Server.

Note: Please make sure any plugin blocking Rest API or for forced login is not activated.

3. Under the Advanced tab, turn on the “Cloud Library Server” button.
4. Click the “Save Settings” button.

5. Click the “API Keys” tab, “Private Keys” and “Token” will be available by default.
6. Copy Private Key and Token.
7. Only one “Private Key” and “Token” would be available at a time. If you want to create a new one, delete the previous one, and click on the “Create API Keys” button

Note: If you want to push templates from multiple servers, copy Private API keys and Token individually from every single site or Multisite network’s subsite. The Private API key would be the same for each subsite, but Token will be different.

Note:  Please make sure that your permalinks on the sever site saved as “Post Name.” 

8. Open the Client WordPress site (WordPress site where you want to push your templates).
9. Login to WordPress Dashboard.
10. Navigate to settings, click on Template Hero Client.
11. By default Activation Library will be created and activated, make sure its activated under “Activate Library” tab. – You can access your imported Elementor Templates on WordPress site.
12. If you want to create library via manually created API keys – Click the “Create Library” tab, write the name of your library, paste Private API Key and Library Token and click on the “Create Library” button.

13. A notification “Settings Saved, Token created And Library Activated
” appears, and your library gets saved and activated.

Note: You can create and activate various libraries from multiple sites. If you want to delete any library, deactivate it first before deletion.

14. In the case of multiple libraries, you can activate and deactivate libraries under the “Activate Library” tab.

15. You can access your saved/imported templates while creating/editing pages by clicking the “Add Template” button (the folder icon).

16. Click the magnifying glass icon to preview the template.

17. Click the “Insert” button to add your required template.

18. You will see a new custom templates tab. This tab will show your custom templates fetched from WordPress server site custom templates. For more details, please visit the Custom Template tab for Template Hero for Elementor documentation.

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