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How to Assign Coupons Commision to Affiliates.

This addon was built specifically for Ultimate Affiliate Pro and adds integration to WP Ultimo. The integration with Ultimate Affiliate Pro includes referral tracking, recurring commission for subscriptions, and the affiliate dashboard.
Follow these easy steps to assign coupon commission to affiliates.

  1. Go to WP Ultimo network admin dashboard.
  2. Go to WP Ultimo Ultimate Affiliate Pro
  3. Go to “General Options” tab, check the “Allow WP Ultimo Ultimate Affiliate Pro Integration” option.
  4. If you want to include setup Fee as well, check the ” Allow commissions to be applied to the Setup Fees ” option.
  5. Click Save Settings button.

6. Go to Coupon > Edit Coupon, (or create a new coupon) under settings select the affiliate form Ultimate Affiliate Pro Affiliate drop down menu.
7. Click on “Update Coupon” button.

8. At every new referral signup, you will get a notification at dashboard top bar

9. Click on New Referral, here you can see the referral’s and affiliate’s and affiliate detail. You can verify or refuse new referral as well.

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