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How to Add Setting Menu Through Waasify

Here is a simple guide to add setting in Waasify

  1. Go to WP Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Waasify > Add Setting Menu
  3. Select Setting Type (Text Editor, Color, Image Upload)
  4. Enter Setting Label – This Label is displayed above the field.
  5. Enter Meta Name – The meta field name is used by WordPress internally. This is not shown publicly. Use only lowercase and underscores. No spaces or special characters are allowed.
  6. Enter Tooltip – Write a quick helpful tip.
  7. Enter Field Placeholder – Field Content Placeholder.
  8. Enter Field Default – This will be your default content
  9. Enter the element where you want to apply these settings
  10. Select Settings Category from right sidebar (Theme Settings, General Settings)
  11. Select the Menu Icon

Note: When adding Id in the element field, Copy this element and paste it to the advanced > id of the heading, text editor, or button.

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