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WaaSify Front End Page – Gutenberg

Here is a simple guide to add settings in Waasify

How to Add Setting Menu for Page.

  1. Go to WP Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Waasify > Add Setting Menu
  3. Select Settings (Page Settings) Category from the right sidebar (Page Settings).
  4. Create a page and add a dummy header, paragraph, and image.
  5. Now add the Settings header

Add Settings Menu

  • Select Setting Type (Text Editor, Color, Image Upload)
  • Enter Setting Label – This Label is displayed above the field.
  • Enter Meta Name – The meta field name is used by WordPress internally. This is not shown publicly. Use only lowercase and underscores. No spaces or special characters allowed.
  • Enter Tooltip – Write a short helpful tip.
  • Enter Field Placeholder – Field Content Placeholder.
  • Enter Field Default – This will be your default content
  • Enter the element where you want to apply these settings 

Note: Now copy the Element id and paste it to the page(select header and paste element under advanced >HTML Anchor)

  • Repeat the Process for paragraph and image.
  • Now open Page in the new tab and Click Edit with Waasify.
  • You can easily edit text

Note: For buttons you have to copy the class name from the page and add a custom class.

How to copy class name for button.

  • Select the button.
  • Click on the three dots 
  • Click “Edit as HTML”.
  • Copy the class name
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