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Which widgets are included in this plugin?

WP Ultimo Widgets for Beaver Builder includes the following widgets:

  • Account Actions
  • Account Stats
  • Account Status
  • Change Plan
  • Limits and Quotas
  • Custom Domain

How do we insert the widgets on a page?

Edit the page using Beaver Builder. Scroll down to the widgets section and simply drag the widget on the page.

Where do the Widgets get data from?

The Widgets gets the data from WP Ultimo. These widgets are included in WP Ultimo by default. Our plugin allows you to use these widgets on the front end by simply dragging them to the page.

What is a license key? Is it necessary to activate it?

license key is a data string that verifies authorized software product access.  You must need to activate your license to get all features, updates, and premium support

The Plugin isn’t working?

Please check the version number of your plugins. Always use the most updated plugins available on your WaaS Hero account dashboard.

If you are using the most updated version please contact support.

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